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Mr Lamb said he has written to RBS five times to demand a meeting about Mr Wright's allegations. How high did this go? He said: "My fear is that it appears to be more than a few rotten apples behaving badly. There appears to be an institutional culture here that facilitated this corrupt practice. That's the allegation. "And the way in which they dealt with a whistle-blower, who ought to actually be respected and treated with the utmost seriousness, instead they pushed him through a very long process, the wrong process." Mr Lamb said: "Treating it as a grievance not going through the proper whistle-blowing process and allowing that individual to be destroyed rather that treating seriously the allegations that he raised and that for me begs the question. How high did this go? Did it go to the very top of the bank? And why are the current leadership not prepared to examine these really serious allegations thoroughly?" Image caption James Hayward, chief executive of the group representing former RBS business clients says they are suing RBS for alleged document tampering The BBC has also spoken to former business clients of RBS, who also claim fraud and document tampering. The RGL management group is representing many in a planned court action.

She wears it well. Clothes-loving Mrs May succeeded Mr Cameron as PM in July following his Brexit referendum flop. His No 10 departure paved the way for his wife to kick-start her career. She had already got a friend to teach her how to use a sewing machine before the family left Downing Street. Rex Theresa has a perchance for tailored suits and an impressive shoe collection Read More Meanwhile, the fashion designer behind Mrs Mays controversial 995 leather trousers yesterday said the PM looked great wearing them. The Tory leader was ridiculed for donning a pair of bitter chocolate Amanda Wakeley trousers while posing for pictures with a Sunday Times Magazine photographer in November. Former Education Secretary Nicky Morgan, who was sacked by Mrs May, claimed the outfit choice had been noticed and discussed. She added: I dont think Ive ever spent that much on anything apart from my wedding dress. But Ms Wakeley hit back yesterday, saying: Theresa May has been a customer for many years. Long before Trousergate, shed drop by our shop in Henley. My mission is to make a woman feel gorgeous inside and out. When everything feels delicious, you feel cocooned yet chic.

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