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"It's probably going to affect deer more than elk, especially the young. They're just not strong, and it's difficult for a lot of them to make it through the winter," Keckler said. The survival rate was about 75 percent for deer fawns and about 89 percent for elk calves bymid-February, but IDFG officials say that number will likely drop more. Animals are most likely to succumb to winter kill during late winter and early spring, so biologists will continue to track them through May in most parts of the state. Officials want to note they haven't carried out their massive, unprecedented feeding operation alone: They relied heavily on sportsmen and private landowners. "Dozens of sportsmen have helped transport and deliver feed, and several landowners have either directly helped with feeding or allowed feeding to be conducted on their property," Idaho Fish and Game Assistant Chief of Wildlife Brad Comptonsaid in a news release on Monday. "This winter is another reminder of how incredibly valuable sportsmen and private landowners are to helping sustain the wildlife resources we have in Idaho." Winter feeding is to sustain animals that might not otherwise make it through the winter, as well as to keep wintering animals off of private property and away from crops, towns, highways and freeways. Idaho Fish and Game is undertaking the largest winter feeding program in the state's history at the Tex Creek Wildlife Management Area in eastern Idaho. A feed crew spreads about 15 tons of hay in a field every day and ชุด เครื่อง นอน โรงแรม each day, thousands of elk make their way down the hill to feed. The massive operation is expected to cost about $350,000.

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