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They were headed by Lilian Tintori and Patricia Gutierrez, both wives of jailed political leaders and advocates ขาย กระเป๋า เป้ of hardline tactics against the government. "There's no obstacle that can defeat Venezuelan mothers, fighting for the future of their children," said Tintori, who has called for civil disobedience in Venezuela, saying democratic options are lacking. Despite sitting on the world's biggest oil reserves, Venezuela is undergoing an unprecedented economic crisis, with many people skipping meals amid shortages and soaring prices. Polls showed the majority wanted the recall referendum, but the election board halted the process this week citing court orders based on government allegations of fraud during an initial signature drive. That left Maduro, who won an election to succeed Hugo Chavez in 2013, on track to complete the กระเป๋า สะพาย ราคา ถูก six-year term. Government officials have been exulting at the referendum's failure, saying the opposition is to blame for delaying the process and then committing fraud by adding names of minors and dead people to their first signature drive. Maduro, a former bus driver and union leader narrowly elected three years ago after Chavez died from cancer, has seen his popularity tumble to just above 20 percent as the nation of 30 million people suffers a third year of brutal recession. While foes blame failed socialist policies for the crisis, Maduro points to the steep slump in oil prices and alleges a U.S.-led "economic war" against his government. Saturday's march was to be followed by a special session on Sunday of the National Assembly, which the opposition won in December elections due to public ire over the economy.

This new vinyl resin went on to be used in a variety of military products, including rain coats, tents, field bags and upholstery for military vehicles of all types trucks, planes, tanks, ships and Jeeps. Naugahyde continued to gain in popularity during the postwar boom of the 1950s. With improved quality and a vastly increased color palette, it revolutionized the footwear, clothing and luggage industries, while continuing its domination of vinyl-coated fabrics of all kinds. Although Naugahyde was already a household name by the 1960s, a marketing campaign engineered by famed Madison Avenue adman George Lois launched it into the stratosphere. It featured the Nauga, a fictional and mythical creature that was said to shed its hyde (with no harm to itself), to provide the world with Naugahyde, The Cruelty-Free Fabric. Spokesmen for the campaign included Johnny Carson, and the Nauga character even appeared on The Tonight Show, as well as in the Madison Avenue Advertising Walk of Fame parade in New York City. As part of the ad campaign, Nauga dolls were produced and offered for $1 with the purchase of a Naugahyde-covered recliner chair. These original dolls are now collectors items, and authentic Nauga dolls can still be purchased on the Naugahyde website. In the decades since the Nauga campaign, Naugahyde has continued its focus on innovation, greatly expanding uses for the product by increasing the amount of colors and finishes available, กระเป๋า สะพาย ข้าง พร้อม ส่ง while improving performance such as flame-resistance and anti-microbial properties. We are pleased to celebrate this significant milestone and Naugahydes legacy of product innovation and outstanding quality. We look forward to building on our rich history of American-made products and long-standing reputation for durability and performance, said Howard Curd, Chairman and CEO. And that philosophy of innovation and quality continues today, with Uniroyal continuing its reign as a global leader in vinyl-coated fabrics and soft-trim technologies.

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Every woman's body type differs so it would become fine to know if the particular women's fragrance scents good on you or not really. Coach provides been making hand bags since the 60s...hundreds of designs in a range of manufacturing locations around the globe. Both Google and MasterCard need that users who drop a mobile phone with their cards info kept in Google Pocket statement the issue immediately to their credit cards organization.But its biggest charm may end up being for individuals who resent keeping their cumbersome baggage during nontravel time or constantly tripping over their bag inside a hotel space. A list of timeless designer totes would not end up being full without the Louis Vuitton Speedy.Digital tags in air travel luggage managing systems ensure that traveler baggage can be not dropped after check-in.Guys perform not really acknowledge this compulsion and are often remaining in confusion of why they should require two, four, or even six different totes. Pursuing a few simple ideas will ensure that you walk away from the estate sale with china you'd become happy to screen at your next supper party. Designer goods are out of issue good add-ons to highlight one's appearance and style and therefore, they are needed by all fashion-conscious people. Choose something from a long list including Leopard skin school luggage, looks after, mouse pads, pet tags or also a storage card reader.