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The December 2016 jobs report , covering Obamas final full month in office, showed that 156,000 jobs were added to the economy. The unemployment rate rose 0.1% to 4.7%, bouncing slightly off Novembers post-crisis low of 4.6%. This is down sharply from 10.0%, where the unemployment rate peaked in October 2009. Perhaps the most important part of this report for financial markets and Fed-watchers was the 0.4% month-on-month improvement in wages, which pushed year-over-year gains up to a new post-crisis high of 2.9%. This was the strongest pace of wage growth since June 2009. View photos President Barack Obama More With Fridaysreport, 2016 now marks the third-straight year the US economy added more than 2 million jobs. Since the beginning of 2010, 15.8 million private sector jobs have been added to the economy. In a post published Friday , Jason Furman, Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, ran down a number of the labor market related milestones reached during the Obama years. A few stand out.

Thats what four Doctors Hospital (Pink Ladies) volunteers were doing on Monday. They were counting and posting stock on hand to determine what had been sold and what hadnt moved in their gift shop off the main lobby and, of course, what new stock had to be ordered. Volunteer Supervisor Johnette Raggsdale, gift shop managers Anita Bates and Sharon Walther along with Cheree Blankenship were busy with pads and pencils in hand to tally up what was on their shop shelves and in a storage room down the hallway which is 25 percent the size of the some 300-square-foot shopping area. Raggsdale was pitching in despite a compound fracture of her left arm that kept her in the hospital for a week recovering from a fall that had her also ordered to bed rest at home for several days. Volunteers agreed they had done their best to keep her away, noting that she has such a passion for her hospital duties that it wasnt in the cards she continued to show up on a part time basis after first calling in volunteer staff directions. The shop stays up with the fashions from fine Infinity Scarves to handbags and Indian purses that range in price from $18 to $50. And then there are the Angels of Prayer in just about every design on the volunteers top shelves. Jewelry and contemporary watch designs grace their counter. A silk long stemmed red rose bud has been a favorite for friends visiting hospital shut-ins and wanting to take something small but meaningful to their sick and injured friends. There were only four left in the inventory posting. Who knows what is going to sell, Walther said of their stock on hand. The problem is that the shop is too small to display all that the volunteers purchase at the gift shows in the Bay Area. The women were so intrigued with what they were doing with a passion Monday, that they skipped lunch for their inventory duties. Thirty different varieties of candies cram one set of shelves from the standard Hershey Bars to Baby Ruths along with the Cup of Golds that were so very popular more than 50 years ago and are still selling. Licorice sticks both black and red that can be had for just 15 cents for two of each. Then there are the pound boxes of Sees and smaller boxes that sell at Christmas, Valentines Day and Easter. Small childrens T-shirts that were found back in storage emblazoned with sayings like, Im the little brother, and Im a big sister, and are about to be given away to needy youngsters in the community simply because they are not moving. Why? There wasnt room for them to be displayed in the shop. Volunteer Anita Bates wears a pair of granny glasses that are on sale on their counter saying theyre cute, she said.

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